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      2021-12-29 14:53:56| 來源:吉林中公教育


      應用文類型 email
      書信類型 邀請信,由關鍵詞inviting可判斷。
      收信人 a professor at a British university
      內容要點 寫信背景+內容:inviting him/her to organize a team for the international innovation contest to be held at your university
      署名 Li Ming


      Part A

      Dear Professor,

      I am a student who is in charge of the Students’ Union. I am writing this email to invite you to organize a team to participate in the international innovation contest held at my university.

      The relevant details are as follows. For one thing, the contest will be held in the gym of my university from March 3 to March 5. For another, it is advisable for you to know that the theme of the contest is “Internet+”. Besides, we will provide free accommodations for your team during the contest.

      I sincerely hope that my invitation can draw your attention and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Sincerely yours,

      Li Ming


      圖畫類型 圖畫說明 寓意
      一幅圖 整體描述:兩個女生正看著校園講座的海報。

      Part B


      What comes into view is that in the picture, two girls are looking at the poster for a lecture. If we take a closer look, it can be found that one student says, “It has nothing to do with our major. It is useless for us!” while the other replies, “There are always some benefits.” Obviously, the above picture has shown an implication that great emphasis should be placed on extensive learning.

      What the cartoonist has conveyed in the picture can be clearly and accurately summarized as the following: the phenomenon will make a huge difference to our lives. The supporting point is that extensive learning can expand the knowledge of students, broaden their horizons, and arouse their enthusiasm for study. Besides, it is not rare to find that extensive learning is helpful to the formation of students’ good character because while learning different knowledge, people are inspired to think about the world and their own lives, gradually recognize themselves, and actively think about their future.

      In summary, it is high time that we took concrete and efficient actions. The mass media, such as television and the Internet, should make every effort to advocate the phenomenon. Only in this way can we make our life more colorful and vigorous.







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